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How To Differentiate The Original Himalayan Salt Lamps From The Fakes Ones

The salt lamps have gained popularity over the time. The lamps are known to offer several benefits to the users. You should check on the lamps that will give you several benefits such as good vision, quality sleep and good mind. Most of the lamp dealers are not genuine and you should look for the different features. You should check of the following features to help you know if the salt lamp is genuine.

White Colored Lamps With Cheap Prices

It is very difficult to find the white Himalayan salt lamp. The pink varieties are also some colors that are difficult to get. When it comes to the amounts, the white colored salty lamps are the leading in the costs. You should worry when you are able to get the white salt lamps at the cheap prices. You should check on the different benefits that you will get when you get the Himalayan salt lamps.

Heavy Salt Lamps With Excellent Lights

When the salt lamp has maximum, weight it will be difficult for it to produce the natural light. You should avoid huge lamps which have weight and nice lighting properties

It Does Not Easily Get Damaged

The salt lamps can easily get damaged especially when it falls. When purchasing the lamps that are wrongly handled, then they are likely to show some signs of damages. You should be careful of the lamp that does not get dents when they are dropped.

Check On How They Respond To Moisture

When the salt lamps can maintain the moisture while exposed to moist areas you should be careful about them. The standard storage conditions of the salt lamps should be in a cool and dry area. When the product is exposed in a moist area, the salt will absorb the moisture and decrease in size. You need to check the lamp by rubbing it again a wet material. When you wipe the salt lamp against the wet cloth, you should check the lamp to see if it is producing water like substance.

No Changes At Home

When you are getting the lamps, you should check on the different benefits that you get. The lamp should solve most of the cases such as asthma, stress depression when used for some time. You should not expect the lamp to solve most of the problems but they are effective in solving the common problems.

When it is your first time to purchase the salt lamps, you need to check on the different elements to ensure that it is original. The genuine lamps have multiple benefits and you should not confuses them for the fake ones.

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