Communication, the Crux of a Good Relationship and the Reason to Choose One Web Designer Over Another

A client is working with a web designer on an impressive new project. The designer has a long history in the industry, and her skills are exceptional. The client has a virtually unlimited budget. Yet, the project stalls and freezes and backpedals through the drudgery. The fault may rest in the influential presence of communication. Are all parties actually listening, and well, to the needs of the other?

The Divide of Communication

Any web designer will tell you that the most challenging thing is communicating with clients in the discovery of their needs. Clients looking for a website often have a hard time communicating what they want, and designers have a hard time bringing their technical language to a minimum and hearing what clients need. It is the responsibility of the designer to limit technical terms and the client to try to grasp them. It is a two-way street, and no one is particularly to blame. What occurs is a painful lack of communication- a divide in understanding.

Communicating Right

The bad communication may not be the fault of any one party intentionally not listening. They may be unable to hear or one party is having a hard time explaining their needs in a technical way. The division could be crippling when it really matters. It can potentially steer the project astray. When selecting a web design expert, choose someone that communicates on the same wavelength. Neither group is going to be perfect, but both can understand each other. Interestingly, this has little to do with the budget and cost or the esteemed history of the designer or even the client. This is more fundamental than any of those things. It is an inherent ability to communicate and respond. Can everyone see the same basic light at the end of the tunnel? Is everyone looking down the same tunnel?

Communication is, arguably, the most insightful and powerful piece to the entire decision. It will direct everyone involved over how to proceed and in what direction. For more on web design and communication, visit the link at It covers the big stories and ideas that make a small idea something huge.