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Choosing a Style for Your Wedding Photos

There are many different things to take into account when hiring a wedding photographer. Knowing your photographer and how their personality will reflect in your photos is important. Everything from pricing to their level of expertise should influence your decision to some extent. Style, however, is the factor one should hold first and foremost. Your wedding will be one of the most important moments of your life. You need the photographs taken to encapsulate your special day in the exact manner that suites your taste. With that in mind, you should take the time to consider the styles available to you.

The style known as portraiture is usually the first to take into consideration. Like those of your parent’s wedding, photos taken in this style will exude a sense of tradition. You will be posed in traditional areas such as in front of the altar, and will be positioned in the center surrounded by friends and family. To sum it up, this is the style one will choose if they want their photos to be unassuming and customary. For this style, you will want to hire a photographer who specializes in portraiture.

After that, we have the fine art style to contemplate. This type of photography will have much less strict and formal posing. Rather than that classic flavor, this style will focus on encapsulating more natural instances during your event. The fine art style will result in photos that are a treat for the eyes, with grainy or unfocused backgrounds and beautiful, dramatic moments. This style will generally be influenced heavily by the particular artistic choices of your photographer, so you will definitely want to get a feel for their previous work. If you still want some traditional photos, it might be best to hire two different photographers, unless you find one who is proficient in both areas.

To top it off, we will introduce the edgy-bold style of wedding photography. These photos will be very different in nature from many wedding photos the average person will think of. The edgy style will use tilts and angles to include other items or backgrounds as superficial focuses, while still incorporating the bride and groom as the artistic centerpiece. Whether it be of the bride’s makeup tools with her face in the upper corner, or a tilted photo of the couple at the altar, these photos will possess a very unique flair. This style definitely calls for further research, because its uniqueness lends itself to many different takes on the style.

Having the best photographer for your wedding is as crucial a factor as every other part of your special day. All that occurs in the beauty of your big moment should be captured as such. Make sure you know exactly how you want to be able to look back on this day. If you have the capital available to manage it, having multiple photographers is not out of the question.

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