John Took Me out on the Company Jet

John told me I was going with him about six hours before the corporate jet was wheels up. I did not understand exactly, because I am not really involved in the deal that he was supposed to be doing. Of course when John tells you to do stuff, you do not ask him why. At any rate I ran home at lunch and packed a bag, then I raced back. I had heard rumors about his adventures with escorts in salt lake city and now I got a real education. There were three girls dressed like stewardesses on the jet, but you did not have to look at them very hard to think they were more likely to be actresses or models or perhaps just maybe they were well compensated escorts. One of them gave me a lap dance almost as soon as we were in the air. John was watching me like a hawk the entire time, as though it was some sort of test. He started to talk to me about a report I had done and I realized that he had listened to my advice.

Apparently he had decided to take a huge gamble based on the idea that I had stumbled upon in my research. It seemed to have come up big for him. He said that he had struck the big one. At any rate the next thing I knew he put another of those girls on me. She started to talk dirty to me in what I think was Russian or something of that sort. The third girl erected some sort of partition to give us something that was close enough to privacy. They informed John of the time it took them to get me to where they were going. They seemed to be disappointed, apparently a wager was involved.


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