We Moved to Newport News to Get a Better Income

We were not doing so great with our income where we used to live. The economy for our jobs pretty much tanked. We worked for companies that received their funding from the state to provide care for people who lived in group homes. Where we used to live was facing some tough budget cuts. We took our savings and packed up and left for Virginia. We sold everything and took what we could carry in our vehicles. We looked for affordable apartments for rent in Newport News. It was close to where we applied for and got some decent jobs.

We had enough to rent a storage unit for the items we had in the moving trailer on the back of our SUV, stay in a hotel until we could find an apartment, and rent a place when we found it. My wife drove the car down, and I drove our SUV. We each had one of our dogs with us, and we stopped a lot on the way down. We stayed in a motel for a few days until we found the Autumn Lakes apartments. It was affordable, and they allowed us to have our two dogs. The place has a huge living room, and we have a patio too. Our dogs really like it here. They have short hair, and the weather in Virginia is a whole lot nicer in the winter than it is where we moved from.

Apartment maintenance and management is on site. That makes it easy to get anything that goes wrong taken care of right away. It is so much nicer having people that take care of the place right there on the grounds. Our old landlord was tough to reach, and he would take forever to come out and fix things. We had a problem when we moved in at the new place with a toilet that would keep running after it was flushed Maintenance fixed it the same day. I like that, and we like living here in Newport News.


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