Things to Consider When Choosing a Shower Enclosure

One of the main rooms that people tend to check out when they’re looking for houses is the bathroom. Because of this, renovating the bathroom is also typically one of the most cost-effective options for increasing the value of the home. It’s becoming more and more common to use shower enclosures instead of the more typical bathtub shower combination when there is more than one bathroom in a home. Taking a few things into consideration can help you decide on just the right type of shower enclosure.


I some cases, people wall off part of the bathroom and tile it to form a shower enclosure. However, it’s also very common to use glass shower enclosures. Frameless glass showers let in tons of light and make the shower stand out less, while framed enclosures make the shower stand out a bit more but make it a bit more difficult to clean. Should the bathroom sometimes be used by more than one person at a time and more privacy be desired, the glass can be frosted.


Another thing to consider is the size of the enclosure. People may feel claustrophobic if the enclosure is too small, but the size of the bathroom needs to be taken into consideration. Those with large bathrooms who sometimes like to shower together may want to opt for a double shower enclosure so there’s more space and a shower head for each individual.


While it may be more standard for these enclosures to be square or rectangular, edges can also be rounded or custom enclosures can be created that have a totally different shape. Just keep in mind that it will be quite expensive and hard to get a shower enclosure built if any angles are different from the standard 90-degree, 135-degree and 180-degree options. Also, having an angle that’s smaller than these will make it difficult to keep the shower clean and sanitary.

Shower Heads

It can be luxurious to have multiple shower heads but keep in mind that these shouldn’t point directly at glass walls or doors, as this makes leaks more likely. Also, consider an environmentally-friendly option that will help save both water and fuel as long as your water pressure is at least 80 pounds per square inch. Lower water pressure may cause performance of the shower head to suffer.