I Broke My Nose Again

I was having a really good game, but of course a lot of the other guys were drinking beer from a keg they had bought. Usually I would have been drinking a little myself, but I decided that I want to lose about five or ten pounds. At any rate I scored two goals, one early in the game and the other half way through the second half. To be honest a good goalie would have stopped both of them fairly easily. At any rate I went to find aesthetic doctors in Singapore this morning and I am going to need to get my nose fixed. Of course I am not very happy, but I am not as mad as some of the others. They seem to think that the goalie did it on purpose. Of course the ball was in the air and there were about five players in front of goal aside from him and me.

Of course the guy was a really bad goalie and while he was breaking my nose with his elbow the ball bounced off his head and into the corner of the goal. I was laying on the ground bleeding pretty good and one of my buddies punched the goalie in his jaw. A big shoving match broke out and someone stepped on my leg while another guy fell on top of me. I was pretty mad at the time, but this is pretty much what you sign up for when up step on the pitch. Stuff like that is going to happen in the course of a game, although this would not have happened if there was a better goalie in the box. My nose is all messed up right now and they say that I need a nose doctor to fix it up.


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